And So It Begins...

Whew, what a year!

No doubt, we have all faced a tremendous amount of uncertainty and for many, profound hardship. I've been lucky- very lucky. I've been able to work and pay my bills each month. I have a warm and safe place to come home to and I'm surrounded by loving friends and family I can reach out to at a moments notice. I know others are not so fortunate, which only highlights how grateful I am for all that I do have. Still - this year gave me pause. As a new year approaches, I've been spending some time reflecting over the past 12 months. To provide some perspective for myself, I asked Sarah a few questions.

How has this past year changed you? What would you like to let go of and what would you like take with you into the new year? What were some of the gifts that came from the challenges you faced? How might you bring more joy into your life even when times are tough. These questions may sound superficial in the face of hardship, but for me, they act as stepping stones as I move toward the new year.

I'll share a few insights that surfaced when I asked myself these questions.

I'll definitely be letting go of the amount of news I consume. I'd like to be a better gatekeeper to my mind. I heard someone say recently, "Where your focus goes, your energy flows." A catchy phrase to help keep me on my toes.

Who knows why, but at the beginning of the year I started reading and listening to poetry more regularly. It's been a wellspring of sustenance as the world toiled and churned. I'll keep poetry close at hand moving forward.

The biggest gift I received from the challenges I faced had to do with how I perceive and responded to events unfolding around me. If I'm not careful, the news of the day can convince me the world is a sinking ship moving at an unstoppable pace. If I choose to hold that conversation it must coexist or crumble in the face of my deeply held belief that there is beauty, potential and endless possibilities to pivot, innovate, connect, create, begin anew, and to love bigger and better at any given moment. I get to choose which lens I gaze through as I navigate in this wild, wondrous and ever changing world.

As for joy, that's easy - busting a MOVE - dancing here, there and everywhere!

What are some of the questions you'd like to ask yourself as you greet the new year?What practices would you like to invite into your life that bring you home to your body and bring you joy?


'I dwell in Possibility' Emily Dickinson

I dwell in possibility - A fairer House than Prose - More numerous of windows - Superior - for Doors - Of Chambers as the Cedars Impregnable of eye - And for an everlasting roof - The Gambrels of the Sky - Of visitors the Fairest - For Occupation - This The spreading wide my narrow Hands To gather Paradise -