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 The Feldenkrais Method® with Sarah Huntting, LMP, GCFP

Welcome to moving and living with ease and vitality.

  • Do you suffer from long hours of sitting at your job?
  • Would you like to sit or stand taller with less effort and feel more alive throughout your day?
  • Have you started telling yourself your aches and pains are a natural sign of aging?
Working with your innate capacity to learn and improve, I'll help you discover new ways of moving that give you an internal sense of strength, flexibility and grace.

"The aim is to move with minimum effort and maximum efficiency, not through muscular strength, but through increased consciousness of how movement works."

     ~ Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais


Winds of Change and New Beginnings

Happy New Year to you all!! I hope this New Year brings you new adventures and insights that fill your hearts!

After much thought and consideration, I've decided to discontinue my class at Velocity on Wednesdays. I've loved teaching at Velocity Dance Center. Its been a vibrant and rich community to be a part of. Mostly, I'm grateful to all of my amazing students who have dedicated themselves to ongoing learning, curiosity and growth through movement. I've witnessed so much beautiful change and it's been a honor to be a part of that process.

Not all is lost! I'm currently in hot pursuit of looking for a new space where I can teach a weekend ATM Class on or near Capitol Hill.
As for new beginnings, I'll be offering some workshops starting in late winter and through the spring. Stay tuned!!!!!!!
I'll keep you all posted on all new classes and events. And I can't wait to see you in the New Year!

   Group Classes                 Private Sessions 

Awareness Through Movement® Classes are a dynamic approach to learning through movement. You'll learn to skillfully use your attention to  sense where you get stuck, lost or use excess effort as you move. As your awareness grows, your ability to move with greater precision, power and elegance will become easier and easier.


Functional Integration Lessons are one-on-one sessions that attend to your individual needs. Each session begins with an inquiry into your current condition and what you'd like to improve. We'll explore some of the habitual movement patterns that lead to your current situation and begin a gentle learning process, where I help you find new ways of moving that provide greater support, comfort and ease. 

There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one you in all time, this expression is unique. And, if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.

  ~Martha Graham



"Another fantastic session with you! I arrived with discomfort in my shoulder. You started with my feet and then explored the diagonal movement from my hip to my shoulder. My shoulder calmed down and so did I! I hadn’t realized how much tension I was holding until I felt the contrast between how I felt when I arrived and how much more relaxed I felt, even my jaw, after I left. I experienced lengthening my spine and getting support from my feet, which allowed my arms to hang down from my shoulders in a new, more comfortable way. I had a new awareness of lengthening my spine and rolling today when I went swimming. Thank you, Sarah!"

  Liz S.
"When I have a Feldenkrais session with Sarah, I feel like she is sensing the very deep, subtle and articulate ways my joints move. Where they are flexible and where they are stuck. And she very gently moves them and encourages me to move in such a way as to allow me to relax and let go.  What was once stuck becomes unstuck and fluid. I begin to feel a connection from one small part of myself all the way through my body to another part. A feeling in my body of deep connection and three dimensionality begins to emerge. As I walk away from my sessions with Sarah, I have a luxurious and wonderful experience of being free and fully alive in my body and in the world."
Teo H.
"Sarah is a fantastic teacher who takes you on a journey of bodily discovery, part child’s play, part meditation. She is a fitting guide, knowledgeable, passionate about her subject, empathetic and kind. I always come out of the class moving more fluidly and feeling more in tune with my body. At age sixty-nine, I feel that this class has stopped time for me physically."
    Sharon V.
"About a year ago, I found Sarah’s class at Velocity Dance and started attending more regularly. For me, she strikes a nice balance between leading me through the movements and yet challenging me to interpret it on my own. Her voice is soothing, easy to listen to. Her attitude is open and encouraging. After each session, I feel taller and lighter; my head and shoulders are stacked more over my hips and feet. My posture feels upright and easy to maintain. The longer I attend, the more natural and easy movement becomes. This seems to be the kind of practice one can do indefinitely into the future, and one that will benefit me even more as I continue to age."

Pam S.

About Sarah

I discovered the Feldenkrais Method while searching for help with chronic hip pain that I developed after a cross country ski trip.  I saw Physical Therapists, Doctors and Massage Therapists, which all helped in the short term, but the same nagging discomfort would return.  Over time, I started to tell myself my hip pain was the first sign of aging and I'd have to get use to it -  I was in my mid-forties at the time. 
It was in an Awareness Through Movement class where I was first introduced to the Feldenkrais Method. The class didn't demand physical exertion or use stretching techniques to achieve results. Instead, the movement sequences were slow and gentle and asked that I use my attention to sense how I was moving.  After class, I was stunned at how light I felt and how effortlessly my body moved. Coming from a long and dedicated background in dance, athletics and a variety of movement practices, It didn’t make sense to me that I could move so much better after doing so little.  To say the least,  my curiosity was peeked and my journey into the Feldenkrais Method began.

What I'm after isn't flexible bodies, but flexible brains. What I'm after is to restore each person to their human dignity.        - Moshe Feldenkrais"

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